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Osiągnięcia Dyskusje o Osiągnięciach i Gamerscore.

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Domyślnie Mortal Kombat X Osiągnięcia

Premiera Smoczego turnieju dzisiaj, więc osiągnięcia też są.

Tower Kompetitor (10 G)
Complete a single Tower

Tower Warrior (25 G)
Complete a Tower with every character

Tower Master (25 G)
Complete 10 Living Towers

Tower God (25 G)
Complete 50 Living Towers

Challenge Accepted (10 G)
Win a single Tower Challenge

BUDDY!!! (10 G)
Send a Tower Challenge to a friend

Pledge Yourself (5 G)
Reach level 5 in any faction

Faction Champion (25 G)
Reach level 50 in any faction

No Loyalty (75 G)
Reach level 50 in all factions

Jump Ship (10 G)
Become a member of every faction

Time Out (10 G)
Win a match by time out

Keep it Secret (25 G)
Find a secret fight in the Living Towers

Statistical Advantage (5 G)

View Kombat Kard

Moving Up (5 G)
Reach personal level 10 in XP

Elder God (50 G)

Reach personal level 65 in XP

A New Beginning (10 G)
Complete 50% of Story Mode

There is a Ruler (25 G)
Complete 100% of Story Mode

Inner Strength (10 G)
Win 1 complete online match

Return Kustomer (25 G)
Play 100 complete online matches

Royalty (5 G)
Win 5 complete Regular King of the hill matches

Good to be King (5 G)
Win 1 complete Regular King of the hill match

Giving Respect (5 G)
Give Respect points in a King of the hill match

Respected Fighter (25 G)
Earn 1,000 Respect points

Terrifying Encounter (50 G)
Confront a beast within the Krypt

I'm number 1 (10 G)
Win 1 Tower Battle

Juggernaut (25 G)
Win 5 Tower Battles

A Kontender (10 G)
Complete 1 Tower Battle

Bill of Goods (5 G)
Win 1 complete match in Survivor King of the Hill

Dropping Fools (10 G)
Reach a 10 complete game win streak in Ranked 1v1 matches

Hit the Dojo (5 G)
Enter Practice mode

Unstoppable (50 G)
Play 200 complete online matches

That's How You Do It (5 G)
Complete Tutorial

Knockout (25 G)
Perform a 10 hit combo with every character

Perform 1 Fatality in a match

Bloody Good Time (10 G)
Perform a Fatality in a match with every character

Straight Power (25 G)

Perform 100 Fatalities in matches

Brutal End (5 G)
Perform 1 Brutality

Dark Future (25 G)
Perform 50 Brutalities

Need a Doctor (25 G)
Perform every character's X-Ray

Master (25 G)

Win a single complete match with every character variation

Only a Real Master (25 G)
Beat an opponent while they still have 90% health and you have 10% or less health remaining

Well Rounded (25 G)
Play every character variation

It's a Gusher (10 G)
Spill 1,000 pints of blood

Blanche Advantage (25 G)
Hit someone with the old lady Level Interaction

Hara Kiri (10 G)
Kill yourself with Kotal Kahn for 1 round and win the match

Back It Up (5 G)
Equip a new Background image

Real Icon (5 G)
Equip a new Icon

So Bored (5 G)
Equip a new Border

Jumping Bean (5G)
Jump 30 times in 1 match

Trolling (5 G)
Duck 30 times during Fatality sequence

All the Pieces (5 G)
Equip a Background, Icon and Border set

Luck be a Lady (10 G)
Play 7 complete Test Your Luck matches

The Kollector (25 G)
Unlock 50 Kustom Kombat Modifiers

Disco (10 G)
Create a sun ray with Kotal Kahn and perform a flip stance 5 times while in the ray

Almighty (10 G)
Complete aTest Your Might Tower

Not Dead Yet (10 G)
See all Test Your Might deaths

Stay Back (5 G)
Play an Invasion Boss fight

Deal 1,000 total hits during Invasion Boss fights

Complete an Invasion Tower

Can't Stop This (5 G)
Win an Invasion 1v1 fight

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